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Satya Tea – Liquid Wisdom

From 2011 through 2016, Satya Tea – Liquid Wisdom was a high quality loose leaf tea company based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Satya Tea built up it’s “repertoire” of available teas, tea blends, and custom blended teas to 288 varieties. The public story is “We’re taking a break,” and we are, but like “What’s up, for real”?

Did it become to big for a small team to handle? Maybe. That seemed to be a big part of the issue in late 2016, but really there is one very large determining factor that is playing a much bigger role than anything else… Tea North happened!

Tea North – Organic Iced Tea

In late 2015,  David Moore, co-owner of Satya Tea created Tea North – The First Tea Shop in North Halifax, it was a PopUp Shop that ran inside the old café space at the former FRED. Salon. It was a successful test for creating a tea shop and seeing if running a shop would be an ideal thing to do… except David decided it wasn’t what he wanted to do, so he closed the PopUp Shop after Christmas, and happily returned to selling loose leaf tea.

In early Spring 2016, one of our wholesale customers suggested that we try making Bottled Iced Tea. We figured it would be fun, gave it a try, and it was a huge success. Still sitting on the Tea North registered brand, David decided it would be best to put the bottled tea under it’s own name, and Tea North was reborn as a beverage company.

We saw what we needed to do and we pivoted!
Long story short, Tea North has been more successful and an easier operation across the board than Satya Tea ever was. Effective immediately, Satya Tea is shutting it’s doors and Tea North is taking flight. We don’t know if Satya Tea will ever return from taking a break, but until we figure that out, please visit our Tea Gallery page to see some of our amazing creations we produced over the last 6 years!

Visit Tea North – Organic Iced Tea
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